AUDIO: Tadé – “Omo” (EP)


Omo is the debut EP by Toronto based, Nigerian artist Tadé. It is Yoruba and can be directly translated to Child. Conceptually, it is a 4-song project that touches on life, love, family and growth.
Embedded within the EP is a story of a boy coming of age, from birth to discovering love, his idea of life and its meaning, and then building a family so he too can pass down the knowledge he has picked up on – both from the teachings of his mother and life.

Sonically, the EP combines elements of hip-hop, world music, afro music and r&b creating a truly unique sound.

The EP also mirrors Tadé musical growth as he took on production & mixing duties for the first time in his short musical career.

Artist: Tadé

Album Title: Omo

Release Date: April 5 2017

Record Label: Re-Session

Genre: World Music/HipHop

Artist Bio

Tadé is a Toronto based music project started by Idris Lawal, a 24-year-old Nigerian-born creative. Through music and its combination with art & digital media, he creates unique experiences centered around storytelling. Growing up in Nigeria, Qatar, South-Africa & Canada for various portions of his life, he has developed a unique, global sound comprised of different elements of all those places. He is an Algonquin College – Music Industry Arts alumnus. Tadé’s debut EP Omo (child) is a 4-song project that touches on life, love, family and growth. 

Track List

1. Beautiful (Cover)

2. Motions

3. Donor (featured artist: Chérie)

4. Moonshine


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