Afrodisiacbay presents On Code by Story Teller


Story Teller’s sound hits right at the heart of the streets

Afrodisiacbay is a mixing and mastering company based in Lagos, Nigeria.  In line with its mission to introduce new types of sound to the Nigerian streets, it presents On Code by Story Teller, produced by Smyl at Afrodisiacbay

The release date for this song is 4/20/2017.

A singer and songwriter, Story Teller is known for his emotionally compelling lyrics. Some describe him as having multiple personalities because his music can be upbeat, sad, funny or deeply introspective.  Story Teller has no duplicate in the Nigerian music industry.  With simplicity, he combines words and feelings profoundly, accompanied by richly produced and properly mixed instrumentals.

Redefining Street Music

Story Teller’s magic isn’t just in his lyrics or expressive Nigerian voice. It also lies in his ability to trigger alternate emotional states in his listeners.

The artist’s songs range from artfully satirising modern Nigerian life to performing a hot single about herbs to introspectively reaching deep in order to illuminate a troubled world.  A happy listener captured the essence of his music when she said, “Story Teller’s sound hits right at the heart of the streets.”

What’s Next?

With On Code now on the airwaves, Story Teller is working on new singles with Smyl, lead producer and sound engineer at AfrodisiacbayStory Teller believes Smyl is arguably the best producer and mixing engineer in Nigeria and one of the best in the world.  Enjoy his new single On Code and expect more stellar songs in the very near future.


Tel:                 07060633109
Facebook:      Afrodisiacbay
Instagram:     Afrodisiacbayofficial
SoundCloud: Afrodisiacbay

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