AUDIO + VIDEO: Mwachari – “Oyao” (Prod. by House of Dillie)

Known for his amazing range, unique timbre and crazy runs, Mwachari is a Kenyan vocalist, songwriter and performer. OYAO is about a love interest that has the singer going bananas and he pours out his heart to her. OYAO will capture you through its groovy melody and catchy guitar riff. The lyrics are a fusion of English, Swahili, Luhya and Taita. The video revolves around a fantasy that materializes after meeting this amazing woman on the street and building castles in the air about a life together.

“The availability of romantic love in our lives is a comfort and most of us seek for a confidant, someone who understands us to the core. Through my music I am able to appreciate this kind of love and also be a vessel to champion it,” says Mwachari.

Music is a way we express and interpret our emotions, his music seeks to evoke love, happiness and promote good vibes.

OYAO was written and composed by Mwachari, produced by House of Dillie and mastered by Seest. The video was directed by RnA and Mwachari.

Download, Enjoy & Share!



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