Exclusive interview with fast rising artiste Stanzyy


Fast rising artiste Stanley Louis Chinemezu popularly known by his stage name Stanzyy is a Maths/Statistics student of the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. An indigene of Amaigbo Nwangele in Imo State, the versatile singer has proven himself a part of the future of Nigerian music industry, which has recently been in the global spotlight.

Ever since he dropped his debut single Hustle, the young musical sensation has been entertaining his fans and music lovers with good music. From Same God (which featured upcoming rapper Lio Steve) to the wedding anthem Nwa Amaka to Iyawo Mi to Badda to My Story and several others, Stanzyy has shown himself to be far above a fluke.

In this exclusive interview, Stanzyy talks about life as a fast rising artiste, acceptance of his music and other things concerning his musical career and life in general.

Excerpts from the interview…

Good day Mr. Stanzyy. It’s good to have you again. How has life been?
Good day my brother. Life has been good, thanks to God

That’s good to hear. You released My Story some months ago. How has the publicity of the song been?
Well, I thank God, the song was widely accepted and I think the audience loved it

Nice. In the song, you told the story of your life. What prompted you to do that?
Well, what I have been through and still I’m going through prompted the song. The hustle is not a child’s play. A whole lot is required to stay relevant in this industry

And you did it the way you’re good at. Through singing. That’s wonderful. So Mr Stanzyy, with the growth of your fan base, how have you been dealing with the public?
Well, it is never easy being an intending star. People tend to judge you even with little things. You have the challenge of trying to make everyone happy, trying to please everyone and that’s quite difficult

That’s deep. You’ve had had the chance to meet with several other upcoming artistes in your vicinity. How has your relationship been with them?
Well, I can say it has been cool. I’m quite cool with my colleagues and respect them too because to me, we are family. I don’t think I am in a competition with anybody, that’s how I see it

Cool. Among them, is there any who has impacted your style and life tremendously?
(smiles) Quite a number of them are doing wonderfully well and are putting out positive vibes, but I think what influences my sound is love and life generally

Well said. Within the last two years, artistes from Owerri have been getting breaks, with the likes of Xbusta and F2 getting signed to big record labels, do you think that the Nigerian music industry is gradually accepting sounds from the Eastern Heartland?
Good one. I always tell people music is a general language, no matter where the sound is coming from, once it’s good, they have no option than to accept it. The likes of F2 & Xbusta are proving that. Also guys like Mr Cruz, Leeroy, El Vicker who are all from Owerri & have their own sounds to which I urge the general public to watch out for

Rightly said. If you were asked to point out two Owerri artistes that you admire so much, who will they be?
Tough one though, but sincerely I would pick Mr Cruz & El Vicker. I am a big fan of their works. There are so many other great acts too though

(laughs) In every crowd, there has to be a Moses and Joshua to lead. If I may ask though, why did you pick those two?
Well, the concept of their songs are just great. I think they are great songwriters for which is one quality I appreciate in  an artiste

Among their various songs, which is your favourite?
I think any time any day, Show Love by Cruz is a classic. As for El Vicker, he has a lot cooking in the studio right now and my favourite is one of his coming new jams, just wait on it

You’re right. Show Love is a classic jam. On your El Vicker’s favourite track, I want to inform you that you have just increased the state of anxiety in El Vicker’s fans. That’s by the way though. With the recent collaboration of Nigerian artistes with their foreign counterparts and several other happenings, what do you have to say about the gradual global acceptance of Nigerian and African sounds?
Yea. The Nigeria music industry is growing globally. Shout out to all the artistes contributing to this massive growth. Our music is accepted anywhere in the world now

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Alright. So Mr Stanzyy, outside the musical sphere, how has life been with you?
Fine bro. So far so good

How has the combination of schooling and music been?
Very tough bro. I won’t lie to you. I give more attention to the music. Most times, I miss lectures for studio sessions, but hopefully I will come out with a good result because I try my best to read as well

Nice. When are you due for graduation?
This time next year. I can’t wait

(laughs) That’s how all stages in life are. Recently, we got news of a robbery incident that affected you, can you give us details on that?
Uhmm, that’s been like two months now so I prefer to forget it and move on. It was a terrible experience which I don’t wish to talk about

It must have been very terrible. Our apologies for bringing it up. So it’s been quite a while you gave your fans something to vibe to, is there anything cooking?
(laughs) I have been waiting for this question. Well, first of all, I want to apologise to my fans, family and friends for going this long without giving them something to listen to. This time around I can assure them that the wait is over, and hopefully the wait was worth it

Great news. There has been rumours about an album from you. What do you have to say about that?
Album? No no no, the plan is to push my singles real far this time

Singles? How many are you planning on dropping this time?
I have Eyez, Wellu Wellu & Amara all ready, but the later should be dropped after the first two

So the first two, Eyez & Wellu Wellu will drop first and after that Amara will follow, right?

Any special reason for that arrangement?
Well, I don’t think so

Okay. Mr Stanzyy can you drop for your fans a verse from any of the tracks?
(smiles) They should just wait for it. They have waited a lot already and it is close right now. All I can assure them is that we are moving up after this songs and they are definitely gonna love them

(laughs) You’re really a man that loves leaving anticipation in people. The last time you were here, you told us that you were single. Has any ‘Nwa Amaka’ entered your story yet?
(laughs) My brother make we leave that one for now jare. I don’t even know if I have a girlfriend. I am confused as well

(laughs) Sometimes that’s the spot life puts us in. At the moment, what is your best Nigerian song?
So many good songs right now, but I think Virtuous Woman by Flavour right now

That’s a melodious track. Any reason for picking it?
Well, like you and I know Flavour is a musical god and the song is unique, not just the regular stuffs we get everyday

True. On the foreign part, what’s your best?
Jason Derulo

Which of his tracks is your best?
Whatcha Say. That’s my best

Cool. Recently the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) held a rally in Owerri. As an indigene and resident of eastern Nigeria, what do you have to say about the economic state of Nigeria and the Biafra agitation?
(coughs) I am an artiste, politics is none of my business so no comment on that

Okay. So do you any words for music artistes (both A-level & upcoming), your fans, music lovers and the public in general?
All I have to tell artistes most especially upcoming ones is to be humble and always believe you can breakthrough

And to your fans, music lovers and the public?
My fans should wait for what I have coming. I am not gonna let them down. And they should not forget my birthday is on the 18th of August & there is a show on the 19th at Trinity hotels, Owerri where I will be playing host to top arts in Owerri

Great. Mr Stanzyy, it was really nice having you. We hope you will drop by again in the future. God bless your hustle.
Thank you very much too and God bless you


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