AUDIO + VIDEO: Gabiro ft. Matamu – “Low Key”

Having released Ujumbe (Remix) a year ago, the 20 year old rapper has decided not to stop any time soon with this new song that he has featured a new act; Matamu also from Kisumu, Kenya.

Low Key is a song he is using to describe why he was out of the entertainment industry for a while and just as the name suggests he has been low and away from the musical keys.

Gabiro has established himself as one of the true positive leaders and motivational musicians of Kenya. His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after performers in the business today. He is steadily building a reputation for Kisumu’s best lyricist, and but also shares his personal struggles through his art. From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music ‘status quo’.

Hip-hop inspired me to persevere. Persevere and self-educate myself. When I was going through it, the thing that held me down was an old computer at my uncle’s place that I stored thousands of downloaded beats. That’s why I’m so loyal to the cause and loyal to the culture. I feel like I owe it to Hip-hop to do the best I can, Gabiro said.

While many rappers tell us their story, Gabiro possesses the ability to bring you into his world and show it you. His most notable song, Story is a story of stories that happen in real life but they are often ignored. In dramatic fashion, this song discusses bullying, police shootings, drug abuse and political injustice. There are few artists that connect with such issues through their music.

To date Gabiro has performed and toured along several renowned artists including Sauti Sol during Made In Kisumu, as well as shows like 2jinyce Concert which holds sentimental value to Gabiro being that he is a Kisumu City native. His show that meant a lot was when he opened for Diamond Platnumz in 2016.

Low Key is just but the beginning of his journey and mission which is to entertain, educate and inform the masses with his music across the world.

Download, Enjoy & Share!



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