AUDIO: DJ A-Boom ft. Mwachari – “Pull Up” (E Imja Remix)

After the success of his debut single Oyao, Mwachari returns with an infectious brand new single Pull Up a remix of E Imja originally by renowned producer DJ A-Boom from Zurich & Kidda an Albanian star.
Pull Up showcases Mwachari’s vocal prowess and versatility accompanied with a pumping skillful beat by DJ A-Boom. What pulls fans the most about Mwachari besides his voice, is his endearing sense of honesty and vulnerability in his music and this single is no different.

“We wanted to show the world that truly music has no barriers whatsoever, if the vibe is right: it transcends everything.”DJ A-Boom and Mwachari.

What results when a budding Kenyan artist remixes an Albanian hit song you ask? Unadulterated magic! Take a listen below.

Pull Up was written by Mwachari, cimposed, produced and mastered by DJ A-Boom.

Download, Enjoy & Share!



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