AUDIO: David Millz – “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life” (Reply To M.I)

M.I in his latest release called out to Nigerian rappers to fix up their lives. In the three and a half minute lyrical tongue lashing, The Chairman bemoaned the fact that Nigerian rappers were getting killed by their South African counterparts and also took shots at Nigerian rappers turned singers among other topics.

After the song dropped, an online debate kicked off about the state and decline of Nigerian hip-hop. Valid points were raised, some opinions blamed the rappers, others blamed the media and some apportioned the blame to the fans.

Action speak louder than words but in this case, the words are the action as David Millz delivers a two-minute reply to M.I‘s lashing. He is heard pin-pointing where he feels the problem lies as he says:
“I give my best to these singles like a teen church pastor but still man be getting no compliments”
“I guess that’s where the problem lies”
“The industry is not organized”

…..among other lines as he stresses that the chance of a talented rapper making it in the industry is very slim.

Hopefully, this calling out by M.I would usher in a new era where Nigerian hip-hop culture would once more be revered in Africa and the world. An era where rappers would stay true to the hip-hop culture.

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