DJ Klem Sets Out To Give Free Production And Video Shoot For Upcoming Artists

DJ Klem is back with some good news for upcoming artists. DJ Klem and his team will be giving out free music production and Video shoot every month for the remainder of 2018 under the project DJ Klem Presents.

DJ Klem Presents is an initiative which started in 2012 as a platform to give back to the music industry by giving free music production to up and coming acts in the country. This year, he is adding FREE VIDEO SHOOTS to the package.

We want to use this medium to ask all upcoming artists who will like to take advantage of this opportunity to hurry now and submit their music using the link

After submission, DJ Klem and his team will review each entry and select those who will be on the project every month. Selection is made solely by DJ Klem and his team.

NO ARTIST SHOULD PAY ANYBODY TO BE SELECTED – if you do it is at your own risk. All enquiries about DJ Klem Presents can be directed to his manager George (@iamthatgeorge on all social media platforms).


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