AUDIO + VIDEO: Myoa – “You”


Budding singer/songwriter Myoa blesses us with a soulful single that gives us plenty to talk about.

Listening to You, it is obvious that Myoa reached deep to write this one. The singer’s closeness to the subject radiates from every note she hits, and the lyrics are pretty clear and concise – no hidden messages here.

Myoa said, “I wrote this song from a personal & universal place. ‘You’ is about breaking chains from toxic relationships that don’t contribute to personal growth and happiness, and choosing to stay ahead and WIN.”

Just as she bared her soul in the song, Myoa chose to do the same in the video. We see a vulnerable side of the singer as she pours her heart into the keys of her piano. Being that Myoa co-directed the video, alongside Will Darosa, it’s safe to say every moment we witness was intentionally shot to reveal the artiste’s connection to the song. Watching her play, it’s difficult not to get drawn into the song.

You is truly a brilliant masterpiece fueled by emotion and thoroughly giving in soulful energy.

Download, Enjoy & Share!







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