Highlights from Ckay the first EP listening at CCX, Lagos

Ckay the First listening party

Chocolate City’s Ckay has never been short of good ideas. Between interpolating Beethoven on Way, the outer space theme at the epicentre of his album rollout, and recent scene-stealing beats and guest features, the artist has consistently displayed a knack for unique style and innovativeness.

It should have come as no surprise that the artist would pull out all the stops for the listening party of his new EP, Ckay the First. However, there was no way to predict what he had up his sleeve. The artist was all smiles at his listening party, which welcomed a host of guests, and featured a number of thrilling activities. There was a one-on-one session with the artist, where he answered questions about the project, and took guests through the process involved in making it. There was also a track-by-track breakdown by Ckay, as well as a countdown which occurred a minute to midnight – the official release of the project.

Perhaps the greatest highlight of the night was the tranquil vibe which Ckay curated, as he insisted that guests sat on soft, kindergarten-type mats, under neon blue-pink lighting. It really added a much-needed layer to the listening, which allowed guests to experience the album in a thoroughly relaxed state. The music also slapped!

Check out some of the pictures from the release, and listen to Ckay the First below.

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