Skales delivers a thriller in Kampala at the Blankets & Wines (B & W) experience

Skales B&W experience2

The August 2019 edition of the B&W experience was headlined by the Shake Body crooner and was supported by a host of outstanding musicians from all over the continent in the emerging genres of Afro-Based music (which is the main objective of the quarterly show in East Africa).

Skales arrived Uganda on the 21st with the event scheduled for the 25th August at the Lugago Cricket Oval Arena; in time to rehearse properly for East Africa’s premier music experience. The show ran from 12 noon till midnight with Skales closing the show with a string of riveting performances.

The highlight renditions from the self-styled Young Dangote’s performance were his hit singles, Booty Language, Temper, Fire Waist, Shake Body, Jekanmo, Ego, I Am For Real, with the other songs performed by the crooner also gripping the crowd to their feet. At the climax, it was an hour and thirty minutes of musical ecstasy for the East African residents.


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