AUDIO + VIDEO: Iseoluwa – “Mo Ti G’Oke”

Vivacious and zestful Iseoluwa Abidemi debuts her much-anticipated new single titled Mo Ti G’Oke. The highly impressive & remarkable effort from the 14-yr-old powerhouse singer, projects grace and flaunts the expectation that comes with belonging to God.

Produced, written and arranged by the ingenious Amb. Wole OniMo Ti G’Oke features an addictive groove which finely blends EDM and Afro pop with spacey ambience, yet punchy and striking. It invades the norm, displaces the natural order, permeates your being and sets you on your feet.

She stays relentless as she releases an intriguing and enthralling visual. A video full of vivacity, youthfulness, candour, colour and grace. It was directed by the artistic and contemporary Unlimited L.A.

Mo Ti G’Oke is a song that incites hope, stimulating anticipation while exuding scrumptious youthfulness. In addition to the emphatic declaration and proclamation characteristics of the song, you will find it superbly and irresistibly entertaining.

This is a tip of the iceberg as she has a lot more to dish out of the broth of her ongoing musical project, which is to be launched on November 24th 2019, at the prestigious Eko Hotel and Suites.

Download, Enjoy & Share!


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