Music itself is a business…not a joke – Bankulli

Bankulli on Celeb Stopover YouTube

Ever wondered why the Nigerian music industry appears favorable to select superstars in comparison to a larger community of recognized artistes or why certain songs by your favorites travel wider than others? Well, in this conversation between well respected radio personality, Ife Ajagbe and Grammy nominee, Bankulli Oosha, rest in-depth answers to several worrisome questions surrounding the art, business, technology, education and promotion of music in Nigeria.

On the Celeb Stopover show, Ife‘s inquisitive gist with Bankulli highlights the major points that artistes and label services need to score when eyeing a successful entertainment career. Interestingly reviewing listening platforms with the radio queen while discussing music trends among other intimate celebrity affairs, Bankulli shows he’s a Celeb Stopover fan and discusses the spiritual story behind his trending jam Gbemiro featuring Wurld.

All these and more when you subscribe to Celeb Stopover on YouTube or listen on Bridge98.7FM Asaba, Crest 87.7FM Akure and Lead City 89.1FM Ibadan.

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