Trace new promotion packages aims to catapult young artistes to fame

Trace promotions

Trace is looking to improve the chances of young people making it to stardom by opening their creative doors to Africa and beyond, in search of fresh and talented artistes.

In an age of fervent digitization, youth creativity is challenged and Trace sweeps up this opportunity to create a brand new video submission process that can be done from the comfort of the home. With this process, there is no limit to the number of videos that can be submitted by the artiste whose works will be reviewed by Trace music experts, based on Trace guidelines.

In return, they get a chance to air their creativity on one or several Trace platforms including Television, Radio, Digital, SVOD, social networks. Not only will artistes have direct access to various artist services proposed by Trace, to help launch their video, they will also make money with it. In addition, artists will be able to do paid promotions on the Trace channel, not only in Nigeria but in all Trace regions.

To this end, Trace has launched promotional services (Zoom, Artiste Pack, Venue Zoom and Fashion Killa), that are beneficial to all entertainment promotions.

In addition to music promotion, entertainers can also promote their fashion brand and venue on Trace.

With the Zoom promotional service, this is a 60-second voice-over promotional clip with the artist’s bio-data and scenes from their music video. This package, however, does not involve the music video airing on Trace, but the promotional clip is aired 30 times for 10 days on the channel. With this option, it takes between 7 to 10 working days for production.

Trace promotion packages

The Artiste Pack is a combination of Zoom and a guaranteed 21 video rotation on the Trace channel and for the Artiste Pack to be considered, the submitted video has to be approved. Venue Zoom entails a one-minute voice-over driven clip showing the venue and what it’s all about and Fashion Killa also enables a one-minute short clip highlighting the offerings and service of the fashion brand or label.

Trace promotional packages are available for purchase in all Trace regions in Africa including Southern, East, Portuguese, English and French Africa. Other Trace regions are Europe, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

Should an artiste consider this proposition, they have the freedom of choice to select the package they’re most comfortable with and the preferred region for the airing of their chosen package. In addition to this, the artiste is required to send in their invoice requirements: their name, artiste name and the address to which the invoice should be issued.

Empowering the youth through sound has always been the mission of Trace and the recent historic partnership with LG Electronics to create a better way of listening to music using cutting edge technology is proof of that.

With new ways of maximizing the growth of entertainment on all levels, the entertainment future for the youth suddenly seems brighter as they have something to smile about when they aim for Trace stardom.

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