There is racism everywhere – UK’s Silvastone voices out

A bubbly professional conversation as Africa’s radio frontliner Ife Ajagbe investigates the colorful origins and workings of Silvastone – a mixed African recording artiste thriving in the UK, whilst topping US charts.

Music enigma Silvastone joins Ife Ajagbe to evaluate topical interests associated with growth, alongside a self styled culture that affirms the need to enjoy what you’re doing during this episode of Celeb Stopover radio tour.

Notably expressive on how racism is affecting everywhere but home, Silvastone makes daring declarations of breaking down barriers and borders in an admirable quest to bring wisdom from the West to Africa. Also this cheerful conversation constitutes amazing fun for millions of Celeb Stopover‘s weekly audience across 4 radio stations in Nigeria.

This program was produced and hosted by Ife Ajagbe.

Sound was made fit for radio by IamUnbeaten.

Video was made and designed for YouTube by DaleGreenix

Publicist – Dejiplug.

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