Femi and Made Kuti drop two brand new singles, announce joint album Legacy+

The secret is out! Legendary Afrobeat artist Femi Kuti will be releasing a joint album, Legacy+ alongside his son, Made, on February 5 2021. Legacy+ will be a two-sided album, with one side featuring Femi’s project, Stop the Hate and the other, Made’s For(e)ward album. Leading up to the February release, the father-son duo has today released two new singles: Your Enemy by Made, and Pà Pá Pà by Femi.

Your EnemyMade’s follow-up to his debut single, Free Your Mind turns a swirling and modern Afrobeat sound into an impassioned call for justice. While Femi’s Pà Pá Pà, implores Nigerians to rail against the dishonesty of local politicians (“When government waste our time, government waste our life” he declares). Pà Pá Pà is also accompanied by a music video filmed in Lagos and directed by Adasa Cookey.

Listen/watch below:

Song/Album Links
Femi Kuti – Pà Pá Pà
Made Kuti – Your Enemy

YouTube Videos
Femi Kuti – Pà Pá Pà

Made Kuti – Your Enemy

Both albums that make up Legacy + are steeped in the tradition of Afrobeat invented by Fela, but each also offers their own unique vision. Femi’s Stop The Hate honors Fela in a traditionally fun, sharply political, and affirming way. Made’s For(e)ward meanwhile, is a modern and progressive freedom manifesto, pushing boundaries of the subgenre even further. Made also performs every instrument on his album!

Femi says, “I am very excited and happy because as a father I get to perform with my son on my album again, and I get to see him compose, arrange, and play all instruments on his own album. Most importantly, we get to release this project together. It is spiritually soothing and comforting to witness this chapter in my life.”

Made adds, “I truly believe that once in a while we are fortunate enough to write stories for ourselves that we can look back on much later in our lives. This has been one of the greatest positive highlights of my life so far, both musically and transcendently. I’ve learnt so much from my father politically, socially, philosophically and musically that I know this lovely project is only the beginning of more beautiful things to come.”

The cover arts for For(e)ward and Stop The Hate feature portraits of Femi and Made done by Brooklyn-based artist Delphine Desane, whose work was recently featured on the cover of Vogue Italia.

Femi Kuti – Stop The Hate tracklist:

1. Pà Pá Pà
2. As We Struggle Everyday
3. Stop The Hate
4. Land Grab
5. Na Bigmanism Spoil Government
6. You Can’t Fight Corruption With Corruption
7. Show Of Shame
8. Privatisation
9. Young Boy Young Girl
10. Set Your Minds And Souls Free

Femi Kuti – Stop The Hate artwork:

Made Kuti – For(e)ward tracklist:
1. Free Your Mind
2. Your Enemy
3. Blood
4. Different Streets
5. Higher You’ll Find
6. Hymn
7. Young Lady
8. We Are Strong

Made Kuti – For(e)ward artwork:

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