The challenges of post COVID-19 faith demystified as Prince Oluwatosin presents ‘The Digital Church’ book

Media Personality Prince Oluwatosin provides solutions to how faith-based organizations can leverage on the internet in The Digital Church book.

The digital skills trainer pens down the journey to digital Excellence for churches in his book titled The Digital Church.

The pandemic has pressed the world’s big reset button. Better now than never, the church, ministries, and organizations must start digitalizing her operations using social media as a tool to effectively deliver her message, disciple souls & engage with her target audience.

Speaking about the book, Prince Oluwatosin stated that The Digital Church brings to light some of the core elements that leads to the efficiency and progress of the church and ministries in the digital era such as;

– Why the church should go digital
– Ways to building a media team
– Guide to developing contents
– Step by step guide to content creation and distribution
– Strategies for ministry growth

This book is strongly recommended for any church or organization looking to effectively use social media as a means of reaching the world with its message.

This book is the ultimate game planPrince Oluwatosin Odumosu

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Also Available on AmazonKindle || OkadaBooks

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