ALBUM: Payper Corleone – “In Don We Trust”

Trap, Emo Rap, Drill, and Grime are making rounds in the Nigerian Hip-hop scene today. Seemingly, these derivatives of rap have become the go-tos because they pander more to the demands of the mainstream, an avenue for fame and fortune for rappers, however, very few rappers give audience to classic rap these days and one who does it well is Payper Corleone, an edgy act who’s been on the rise since 2014. More than six years later, he has refused to sacrifice his innate passion to play to the gallery and, In Don We Trust, his just-released album is proof of this.

Fifteen tracks long, In Don We Trust, rife with derivatives of rap that don’t stray too far from Corleone’s habitat, classic rap, and stories that speak to a well of knowledge and experience, is much like the usual from the rapper, except he’s proven to have matured with time and this advancement, reflects in his choice of words and delivery.

Titular intro featuring Don Sokiz spells out Corleone’s intent for the album and the ensuing tracks including Drip, Vector assisted Mafo and So Bossy tells of his never waning confidence which the Italian accented narration on the former indicates. Hedonism, realism, and idealism as hinted in the intro also make the cut on tracks like Shake It, the earlier released Full Effects featuring Hotyce and Sinzu, and End Sars, Corleone’s take on our menacing society.

Payper Corleone does not miss words, reflective of the true nature of classic rap and indicative of it being his go-to. While he does dwell on the advancement of his normal, he bends a bit, testing the waters with Drill and even Amapiano. Like the Don he alludes to, he’s human but a bit of a superpower that adds to his allure. In Don We Trust is an edgy start to the year and a great comeback for the rapper.

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