African superstar, Teni The Entertainer stuns in new pictures ahead of album release

Award-winning Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, Teni the Entertainer releases refreshingly new pictures ahead of the release of her highly anticipated debut album Wondaland, which was crafted over two years ago, across six cities.

Depicting her Wondaland album theme of love and a rollercoaster of emotions, Teni the Entertainer goes all out to capture the essence of this project in vivacious pictures where her bubbly personality shines through, reflecting the best versions of herself.

Influenced by everyone from King Wasiu Ayinde and King Sunny Ade to Dolly Parton, the social media sensation is known for mixing an array of genres into her music, including Afrobeats, pop, R&B, and more.

March 19, 2021, is a date that brims with suspense and excitement as Teni the Entertainer is set to take us on a magical journey with her debut album, to her world of wonder where dreams do come true; and those who know her say that she is truly the Wondaland.

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