“The inability of many artists to compete in the music industry can be attributed to marketing errors” – Azeez Olalekan

The inability of many talented music artists to compete in the music industry can be attributed to marketing errors. Music is a business, and marketing is the soul of any business. Like any other business, potential end users need to know your product in order for them to patronize you. If you have a good song that nobody hears, this song would never be a great song. Getting your music to the target audience is important, and it needs to be done right to get the right results. Music marketing is just as important as making good music.

The African music industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The days when African music artistes were relegated to the background in the global scheme of things are gone. Today, sounds from all over Africa are enjoying global attention. While this development calls for celebration, it also represents a call to action. Music marketing involves a strategic and sustained effort across multiple channels to promote a work or an artist. Hyping / influencing is only part of music marketing, music marketing is much more than that. An effective music tagging campaign requires a multi-channel approach where results are backed up by numbers.

The 606 Agency uses music marketing methods to bring your music to a wider audience while looking for and exploring new ways to improve music. Case in point is the achievement of 1,000,000+ streams in three months on a single released by 4am Management artist Luddy Dave. The success of the single is as a result of creative and experiential marketing, using result-oriented methods which The 606 Agency deployed during the promotion of the single.

Today sounds from all over Africa enjoy worldwide attention. While this development is a celebration, it is also a call to action. Many areas of the African music industry are in need of improvement, including music marketing.

The 606 Agency is a creative marketing agency based on the culture of marketing, using scientific and results-oriented methods. The results are achieved within the agreed deadlines to the satisfaction of the customer.

Another key activity The 606 Agency carefully packaged is MARKED Documentary by Nadine Ibrahim, a documentary on Netflix about the history and cultural interpretation of marks sponsored by Ford Foundations. The documentary toured several tertiary institutions in the country and the tour is still on-going.

Therefore, stakeholders in the African music business must cultivate the culture of creative marketing of music. This will help grow African industry and further cement its status as a global industry. Those looking to soak up this culture can turn to The 606 Agency.

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