AUDIO + VIDEO: Tee Worship – “All Things New”

Dynamic and radical worship leader, Tee Worship releases a new worship anthem titled All Things New.

Yahweh makes all things new. He is not a mechanic that repairs, He is a manufacturer. So, if anything is faulty, He doesn’t repair them, He rather replaces them. I trust God that everything faulty in every area of your life would receive newness.

His name is Yahweh and all things are new.

“Remember yet not the former things nor the things of old because all things are new”Is. 43:18-19

Tee Worship is a dynamic and radical worship minister sent at such a time as this to set men on fire through the atmosphere of revelational worship.

His mandate is to see boys, girls, men, women, young and old burn for Jesus. His sounds are raw files from divinity geared towards setting humanity ablaze for God, thereby depopulating Hell.

Download, Enjoy & Share!


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