VIDEO: Chissom Anthony – “Glory To God In The Highest”

Even when life seems to throw bad days at us, we should always be grateful and thankful to the one who made us, the one who is alive today, the one who was and is and is to come.

Glory To God In The Highest is exactly what should be on your lips every day, all day. Just like the angels in heaven, the Bible makes us understand that when the angels bow down to worship the King of Kings when you raise your hand again they see a new and better and brighter glory and fall on their knees again in worship. That is how we should live our lives as Christians, we should learn to give God the glory despite all odds, despite the fact we might have had tough times and challenging days. Jesus deserves all the glory in the highest.

Chissom Anthony has blessed the lives of many Christians and non-Christians around the world. We can tell that her unique music and charisma have succeeded in blessing people, touching lives all over the world. Now we know that there are no limits in the realms of the spirits, because right here in Nigeria she’s reaching out to souls in all parts of the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Glory To God In The Highest is a song that has given hope to many, it is a song that has restored Joy, hope and love to so many that have been hurting around the world.

The ministry of Chissom Anthony is clear – impacts! This song has indeed changed the lives of so many around the world and we are still counting.

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, the Bible says, Chissom Anthony is a gift from the Lord as she is good and perfect. Her lyrics and tunes are also good and perfect which is why we cannot keep this good news to ourselves. We must tell people about it, we must tell people about the song.

Watch Below

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