VIDEO: I-Cent – “Odo”

This is what we’ve been waiting for, Odo music video is out. Odo is a carefree groove vibe sound, which features ICent’s signature harmonics that is sure to have you grooving to the beat and longing for dancing.

“I’m so in love with this video, it’s very much my vibe, he’s got all my favorite things: glamour, elegance, culture, a little sweet, a little spicy. Just like champagne lol . I think people will like what I’m giving. It compliments the record & I’m very excited about it,” directed by Clarence Peters.

ICent shares his inspiration for the EP “There are so many things that have inspired me to name my debut EP, It’s about time. It is the idea of not being boxed-in. I have been anticipating showing the world the many dimensions to who I am. Life is a mood. Each day you want to feel something different from it. I wanted to put a project together that spoke to people and their day to day lives. I wanted to talk about different relationships that people encounter,”/em> he adds.

“The title, “It’s about time” is a very special record to me. It’s inspired by me being free to be myself and not apologizing for it. I am owning who I am and proud of who I’m becoming.” Plugged by Sheriff Salaudeen (Music Plugger) for MMLT.

Watch Below


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