VIDEO: Olakira ft. Moonchild Sanelly – “Summer Time”

With his newest musical chapter, chronicled in his power-packed 4Play EP making waves across the continent and globally, Afro-Pop and Dancehall sensation, Olakira wastes no time in releasing the second video from this latest body of work, titled Summer Time; shortly after the tantalizing visuals to his first single, Sere featuring Tanzanian songstress, Zuchu.

With Summer Time, Olakira takes us to the south of the continent introducing us to the sexy musician and dancer, Moonchild Sanelly who is a dream to watch in this incredible video that justifies the reason Summer Time is such a vibe! In her signature blue-colored hair, she sprinkles her self-created music genre called Future ghetto punk into her verse and it’s no wonder that Moonchild is indeed the perfect condiment for this song; the interaction between the two of them is simply magical.

One of the most standout artists in the continent, Olakira runs wild and free, giving himself totally to the direction of Mazi in this visual, shot in Johannesburg, South Africa. Summer Time hits different and the art direction is flawless, making this video an exciting piece replete with crystal clear professionalism. In this rich visual where Olakira tells us everything we need to know about his musical state of mind, chapter, and verse, his romance story is filled with perfectly communicated intent and raises expectations to see the result of the sweet wash that rush from him. While Moonchild‘s ad-libs warm the heart, Olakira‘s vibey lyrics show his evolution as an artist, boasting of never-ending creativity. The synergy between these two musicians, each in their individual genre, makes this visual easy on the eye.

Inspired by the beautiful African continent, her rich authentic sounds, and her luscious women, the Summer Time visual; which brims full of groovy Afro-R&B sounds with an East African leaning; deftly delivered by Olakira‘s unique sound, quickly escalates into a colourful celebration that’s infectious to watch.

With Olakira achieving incredible feats in the industry including his massive hit tune In My Maserati, named the most shazamed Nigerian song of 2020, it would be an irony of Shakespearean proportions to posit that Olakira isn’t one of the brightest stars steadily making progress in this hugely competitive industry.

Watch Below


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