AUDIO: Timi Orokoya Telemi – “Be Vigilant” (Igi Araba)

Gospel music minister, Timi Orokoya Telemi returns with this powerful message titled Be Vigilant (Igi Araba). A very popular voice in the ’90s, Telemi as he is fondly called, encourages every Nigerian to be vigilant.

According to what the lyrics portrays,
“Nigeria has turned upside down,
Look at the chaos in our nation,
A nation that condemns the just and set the criminals free,
Where the wicked rule and the hired-killers walk in freedom,
Where the corrupt govern.
Where the freedom fighters are in danger,
There is danger in the land,
Nigerians be vigilant,
The herdsmen kill anyhow,
The kidnappers don’t fear anyone,
The freedom fighters of the masses are now the target of the government,
Our defenders against Fulanis are the ones the government is fighting.”

Be Vigilant, should be on replay on all your devices and stereos because it is a song that has the wonder-working ability to cause changes when necessary.

Download, Enjoy & Share!



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