AUDIO: Jaido P – “Shopla” (EP)

Fast rising Nigerian rap sensation, Jaido P comes through with a new project; an extended playlist titled Shopla.

The EP, which is self-titled, houses seven tracks including features with Nigerian rap legend, Olamide, and talented singer, Joeboy. Production credits go to Type A, Eskeezondbeat, Cracker Mallo and Zaki Magic.

The rap youngster had these to share about the tracks on the project.


When I recorded this, I wasn’t really feeling the songs I was making. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. But I noticed that whilst I was feeling this way, things were actually not so bad from the outside. So I had to give myself confidence that stems from how dangerous I am. Omolomo refers to a said bad guy to whom there is no limit to the things he can do. I am that said bad guy so can you too.

My Level

At some time during the struggle, doubt will set in. People will say things and part of growing is learning to be confident in yourself through all that. I’m at a space where I’m sure of myself that I’m going to make it any which way. I’m not sleeping on myself again. I’m going to have a good time because no one is on my level.

Survive ft. Olamide

After a heartfelt discussion about real life issues with my big bro, I was in a spiritual state of mind and Survive was how we felt at the time. Whether you have money or not, every one is trying to survive their own version of life’s many problems. In the midst of all that, love is our favorite coping mechanism.

Mama Mia ft. Joeboy

This one is for the ladies with sweet melodies and lyrics to dance to.


When you’re not popping, people tell you all sort of things. It’s up to you to be your true self and decide what gets to you. “No one knows tomorrow.” We can only do our best when life throws its contrasts at us. You also have to work and believe in yourself.


The scene is a Nigerian owambe party with loud music and party jollof. There’s some juicy cooked cow feet known as ‘Brokoto’. On the streets, we relate Brokoto to ladies backside. I had to talk about that, you know.

Tesina Pot ft. Olamide

It’s a normal streets boys and girls state of mind. SO many of us don’t find love but we pretend like it is love when deep down we know what we want is to ‘Tesina Pot’. This doesn’t mean we won’t come through for ourselves but don’t bring all that love shit here. I don’t want it to be that deep.

Download, Enjoy & Share!


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