AUDIO: Zarion Uti – “My Arahya” (EP)

Zarion Uti’s My Arahya is an invitation into the artist’s complicated world. The singer takes listeners on a journey of heartbreak, internal struggles and chasing his dreams, all the while being focused on a singular imagined hope that is a reality to only himself; his Arahya. This reality is what guides the music on the tape, and what has allowed the artist to overcome disappointment through hope.

For the first time Zarion is being vulnerable, showing his fans that there’s more to him than just being the life of the party. Featuring Afropop, Afro R&B, as well as elements of trap and Amapiano, Zarion demonstrates his range on this project and establishes himself as one to watch on the music scene.

The project begins with Pay for the Pain, an ardent Afropop track that packs a punch. The heavy bass in the background acts as a heartbeat that guides the track, over which the singer’s raspy yet melodious tone expresses lyrical thoughts of lost hopes addressed to his lover.

The first single released from the EP, Proud is a bouncy and uplifting tune of celebration heralded by the trumpets in the background of the track. Uti cements himself as an artist to remember with this hook, predicting his success in a calm and confident tone that is infectious enough to make the listener believe too. Minz is the perfect complement to Zarion here, his distinct alto blending nicely with the layers of the track.

Tale Bana is Zarion Uti’s bid of throwing his hat in the ring of the current Amapiano trend, a true summer bop. A party starter; it showcases the importance of letting loose and indulging in the unknown. One can almost imagine a smile playing on the artiste’s lips while the song flows because of the light and playful energy it exudes. It’s the type of song that you have to play more than once, the type of song you expect the DJ to play on a night out. Producer Pierre SNE does an amazing job of creating a layered, full-bodied beat that seems to have no end, overwhelming.

On Showtime, the mid tempo allows the artiste’s voice to shine through, while also being perfect for listeners to groove. Its anti-romance lyrics are at odds with the voluptuous tones. Just as the hook goes make water carry me, listeners are sure to be enveloped by the waves of the song. Azanti makes a powerful entrance on the track, his voice gliding smoothly over the beat, seasoned by appealing lyrics.

What’s Gwanin features string instrumentals that are reminiscent of the perfect summer romance track. The song feels like a summer day, like playing on a beach and watching waves roll with a lover. It’s soft and chill, and almost ends too soon, leaving listeners wanting more. Toye’s crooning voice adds the necessary passion to the track, making it one of the standouts of the project.

The project’s interlude track, WYGL? is intimate, sensual and sultry. He’s speaking directly to his lover over 808s, in a low tone that strikes a chord. The song feels like nighttime, like lost love and is most notable for the unique chorus, in which Zarion’s voice bounces back and forth in an echo of rhymes that stays with the listener long after the music fades out.

Nobody features Zarion announcing himself as a trap-star, as well as two talented artists: Maison2500 and $odaman. Despite the cocky deliveries, the lyrics are profound, discussing the importance of celebrating life, the nuances of youth, and the struggles of grinding and rising up, and finally coming into your own.

New Heart is the perfect outro to the EP. It features A.BEEB’s strong tenor performance, Dancehall elements, a buoyant hook, sultry vibes, and the perfect blend of Afrobeat and soul that encapsulates the desire of wanting what one can’t have.

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