AUDIO: Candy Bleakz – “Tikuku”

When you hear Ladies Dragon so many things might come to your mind, but one important thing that is most likely to stick is the fact that dragons emit fire.

Chocolate City Music‘s very own Ladies Dragon Candy Bleakz is making a major comeback with a hot and spanking new single Tikuku after taking an hiatus. This song, produced by 2-time Grammy Awards winning producer Rexxie is a very upbeat track and it is cautiously fused with Candy‘s steady dulcet voice to leave you in high spirits and in a groovy mood.

Tikuku has the perfect energy for a turn up event with your friends and family or even if you want to dance and get hyped for the summer. It gives off the perfect vibe to get you ready for a lit summer.

Candy is ready to take her career to the next level.

Download, Enjoy & Share!


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