Kizz Daniel’s monster hit tune ‘Buga’ gets its first #BugaChallenge winner, becomes most Shamazed song

With the world still giddy with captivating performances from Afrobeats, Pop, R&B singer and songwriter, Kizz Daniel as he took over musically on his Afroclassic tour 2022, after widely-acclaimed and sold-out shows in Africa and the United Kingdom, the party, energy and gallantry continues with other countries waiting impatiently to escape into the newly discovered world of Kizz Daniel and his inimitable music.

Recently released monster hit song Buga featuring Tekno Miles which peaked at #1 in twenty countries around the world, used by over two million people in creating social media content and has now become the most Shazamed song in the world with over 1m Shazams, leading to the #Bugachallenge — an instant a rave on all social media platforms — with over 165m views on TikTok and over 15,000 posts on Instagram. Sifting through a daunting number of entries to pick from with social media audiences as judges, 2yr old Ozim Chionye Elvira emerged the winner of One million Naira in the #Bugachallenge prize money on Instagram at the inaugural competition. Inspired and humbled by his fans’ enthusiasm and engagement, Kizz Daniel is raising the prize money to N5million for the next winner.

Touring four cities in the UK during his successful of Classic World Tour selling out in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham, from May 13, 2022 to May 21, 2022, Kizz Daniel is a star performer who puts on a great show and is a transformation to behold. Sounding great in all his performances, Kizz has the undeniable X-factor in an enigmatic presence that gets the crowd going especially when he moves to the crowd, almost as naturally as ever. Delivering an overall incredible performance with stuff which has been likened to magic, Kizz is known for two things as a performer: incredible energy and incredible music. For one who has been doing back-to-back shows on this Afroclassic tour, it’s amazing and heartwarming to see that this talented performer still gives his 100% at every venue

The entertainment industry’s golden goose begins his Afroclassic US tour of 10 major cities, on July 1, 2022 through to July 30, 2022.


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