AUDIO: Candy Bleakz – “Fire” (EP)

After a long run of delivering several hits in the music scene, Candy Bleakz returns with a project; Fire EP. Her statement is very clear – she is ready to finally let the world hear her out with the release of this project further projecting her.

The 6-track project is a blend of distinct, vibrant sounds that show Candy‘s versatility and her newly found street house sound. It is a clear display of her sonic growth since her first tape Öwo Osu.

The Fire EP is a unique blend of several genres and styles of music put together that compliments Candy‘s sound and high tempo; a clever reconstitution of South African house and Nigerian Afropop.

Long established as a rapper, the EP also exhibits Candy‘s talent for singing and crafting catchy melodies over a variety of dance tracks.

Buoyed by an undulating chant of Sango (the Yoruba deity of fire and thunder), Sango incorporates elements of drill, underscoring Candy’s Yoruba refrain iná wà lénu mi (I have fire in my breath). Atenu marks a humorous takedown of a socialite and her avarice.

Candy’s Ladies Dragon alter ego gets a song’s length of attention on Dragon, where her raspy singing voice shows real charm in the way it flirts with soul-infused Afropop, Fuji and Auto-Tune. The Zikay-produced Water sees Candy profitably utilising the Yoruba word for the element, omi, for its musicality in the hook (omi lolololo, omilola).

Candy takes stock in Red, reminiscing about her upbringing in the Lagos township of Bariga while melding Amapiano, a confection of Black British slang and Nigerian street parlance.

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