Chocolate City signs new artist Major AJ


Nigerian A-list record label, Chocolate City Music keeps up with the responsibility of discovering music talents with the signing of a new artist Major AJ a.k.a Retrobaby.

According to the label, “Hi guys! You know anytime we’re this excited it means we’ve got something for you.

This time, it’s our new artist.

Think of an artist caught between two eras- funk, retro but still very much in tune with the modern era, then you have MAJOR AJ, AKA Retrobaby. Major AJ’s sound is nostalgia-inducing and we are very excited about the exploits he’s set to do in the Nigerian music scene.

What’s even more interesting?

We are not just unveiling him. He’s coming with a new project! Prepare to get transported to a new ecosystem; a world of imaginations with his debut EP- “RETROVERSE” inspired by 70’s funk both local and international.”


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