AUDIO: Sunnypraise Adoga – “The Ever Living One”

Here comes another beautiful song from Sunnypraise Adoga titled The Ever Living One.

Taken from Isaiah 46:6 & 7, The Ever Living One is a song that presents the decision of the singer to worship no other God but the ever living one.

While other gods are the works of men’s hands, the ever living one is a God to whom all glory belongs. Men are rather the works of His hands. By His creative power and ability, He brought the world to being.

While they have eyes, they cannot see, nostrils, they cannot perceive. They have legs but they cannot walk. These gods are the works of men’s hands. They are idols!

We serve a God who surpasses all created things. This is the architect who carved out the heavens, the earth, and everything eyes can see, and those they cannot. This is the ever living one, the One in whom all things consist and exist. The only God who is worthy to be worshipped and adored.

Recall that Sunnypraise unveiled a heartwarming worship song Seated on the Throne last month.

The Ever Living One is a follow up to the 11+ minutes of worship by the singer.

Download, Enjoy & Share!



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