Chocolate City releases the ‘Gidi Summer’ compilation to wrap up the summer season


Maybe it is, but for us, it just got started and we’re ready to take you on that ride; with no other than the Gidi Summer compilation.

Earlier, we introduced it to you but here’s a refresher….

With 15 carefully selected Chocolate City hits, summer is right at your doorstep. Remember M.I’s Oh-so-famous “Anoti” or Ice Prince’s “Jambo”? Well, all these and more are on this playlist.

We could be almost a 100% sure that the mere mention of these classical hits ignited great memories but we’re even more confident that it is the perfect summer compilation- an even better way to draw the curtains on our favorite season of the year.

Let’s have fun one more time. It’s Gidi Summer!

Download, Enjoy & Share!



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