ALBUM: Waje – “Unbroken”

Nigerian veteran singer and songwriter, Waje makes her debut in the Gospel music industry with the release of a new album titled Unbroken.

The project, which houses nine solo track, is inspired by God’s faithfulness, mercy, and care as she sings hallelujah to God for holding her unbroken.

In her words, “I give praise to a beautiful God who has shown me mercy, in whose presence I stay, who am I without you? I cannot imagine. Na me be this, singing hallelujah, Abasi! you are God alone who holds me UNBROKEN!”

The opening track, Who am I, is a combination of Pop, Soul, and a heavy touch of black music that unveils the status of the singer’s heart. With well-detailed lyrics, Waje describes God’s love as relentless and unconditional. She also paints God as a companion who would gladly lift her up in her darkest moment, even if she falls intentionally. She clearly explains how God is persistent in loving her despite that she is unworthy and undeserving of his love. For a gospel song done by an African, this track can be said to be a norm breaker because of its style and the density of its riffs. The singer spontaneously voiced nearly the entire lines of the song, expressing her gratitude, decorating the end of each note with a resonating phrase.

Na Me Be This is a declaration of the singer’s confidence in what God has made her. Waje boldly declares that she is a proof of what God’s love can do for a man. She also affirms that the weight of a man’s situation cannot deter God from performing his mighty works in the lines that say, “I was slowly sinking. Expecting the worst. But you said no way. You stretched out your hand. You reached out and saved me.” The beat of this song is capable of inducing dance steps in listeners.

Imagine is another passionate, soul–clinging song on the album. Waje describes the woes that accompany a life lived without the grace of God. She likens the outpouring of God’s grace to rain falling on her parched soul, giving her the comfort that she needs. She expresses that she cannot imagine her life without the love and grace of God. This track comes with a beautiful vocal style and a short session of Rap music.

In Mercy Me, Waje expresses that the sacrifice Jesus performed on the cross was rooted in his love for her. Despite the power and glory that God has, he unconditionally loves her, and that’s because of his mercy. This track started with a brief session of speaking in tongues which is a proof that the singer, beyond the genre being gospel, is spiritually–inclined.

Abasi (the word for God on the Ibibio language) starts with a touch of the pot drum, a subtle blend of the rattles popularly known as the shekere, soft chords from the piano and the sonorous voice of the singer. The lyrics are embellished with gratitude to God for his mercy and kindness in her life. Being a remarkable blend of pidgin, Ibibio and Yoruba, the track is essentially African.

God Alone affirms the invincible nature of God. With a melodious voice, Waje heightened the tempo and the intensity of the song with a whole step modulation that came as a pleasant surprise as the song progresses. Due to how easy and soulful the chorus of this song is, it can be sung independent of the verse for a deep time of fellowship with God in prayers.

In Stay, Waje pledges to stay with God because of the love he showers on her. Despite being the shortest of the tracks, the lyrics and the sound is capable of developing the desire to surrender to God’s presence.

Hallelujah, the longest of the tracks, starts calmly with words of adoration and a soft sound from the piano. Listening to this song can set the atmosphere of intense worship in the listener. Unlike the rest of the tracks that have verses and choruses, Waje did more of freestyles in this track. She stylishly pours out her heart in thanksgiving for forgiveness of sins and the joy of being loved by God.

Beautiful Saviour starts with a sound similar to the rhythm of You Deserve It by American artiste, J. J Hairston. The lyrics of this song are not far-fetched from the title. Here, Waje describes the beautiful and glorious nature of God, his saving grace and mercy towards her.

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