AUDIO + VIDEO: Nissi – “Move x2”

Nissi, Spaceship Records‘ first signing and only female artiste yet, joins the list of artistes to kickoff 2021 in grand style as she releases the visuals to her newest song Move x2.

Known for her groovy sound and her love for cultural expression, Nissi draws on a wealth of deep traditional folklore to deftly serve up a three-course meal with this well-choreographed visual. The visual opens with an array of all things African as we see Nissi in her true goofy self, walk the line amongst beautiful African women who join her in a colourful celebration of dance, making the art direction for this, flawless. With every line from the song, comes a synchronized body movement. The dynamite of a singer is all about female empowerment as seen in this perfectly sculpted visual. Flanked on both sides by exotic beautiful African women exuding melanin, Nissi is a sight for sore eyes. Nissi says, “I want to break a lot of boxes and the limitations that African women have and I definitely want to do it for as long as humanly possible.”

Directed by The Alien and eclectic in every way, Move x2 is an exhibition of Nissi‘s artistic flair, perfectly curated and crafted in tandem with her sound as the hook stays with you when she belts the line Fun won ni overload, swaying her audiences with a smooth delivery of the Yoruba language and splatters of pidgin English in between. If you think you’ve seen Nissi move, you’re mistaken. This is Nissi‘s redefinition of her vibe in an easy yet very addictive dance routine for Move x2.

Nissi‘s remarkable talent as a musician, her gift for storytelling and her uncanny ability to break musical boundaries has set this Spaceship Collective songwriter in a class of her own.

Download, Enjoy & Share!


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